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Remember ET? Here’s what they look like now, and it isn’t pretty

ET was never the best looking alien around, but you should see what they look like now - just don't say we didn't warn you, because it's not pretty

E.T the Extra-Terrestrial

When it comes to aliens in the movies, ET may be one of the more friendly creatures, but they sure ain’t pretty. The little guy wasn’t cute back when the ‘80s movie came out, and things haven’t got much better since.

The family movie has endured as one of the finest Steven Spielberg movies of all time, and everyone certainly loves the titular alien. From the iconic line, “ET phone home,” and the shot of the bicycle riding against the moon, it’s hard to shake the fact that ET is a bit of a legend.

However, in a recent video from Darren Julien, we get a look at the mechatronic model from ET now and it’s just a mass of wires and empty eyes like something out of a horror movie.

The video breaks down the inner-workings of the alien movie legend and shows how the incredible technology of the time brought the touching story to life.

While kids all over the world fell in love with ET at the time, it’s safe to say they wouldn’t have adored the creature from outer space quite so much if he had turned up with no skin on. Still, not bad for a 40 year old, I suppose.

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