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Is Willow 2022 a sequel?

Ever since the fantasy movie Willow was released in 1988 fans have wanted a sequel bu does the new TV series continue the party or is it a reboot?

Warwick Davies in Willow 2022

Is Willow 2022 a sequel? Ever since Willow was first released back in the eighties, fans have wanted to return to the Mother World and see what Willow, Madmartigan, and Elora are up to now they’ve defeated the evil sorceress Bavmorda.

Their prayers were finally answered in 2019 when director Ron Howard announced that Disney was developing a Willow fantasy series for its streaming service Disney Plus. We live in a time of reboots and remakes, though, and people really want to know whether Willow 2022 is a sequel to the original movie.

Is Willow 2022 a sequel?

Yes, the Willow Disney Plus TV series is a sequel to the original 1988 fantasy movie. The show picks up “200 moons”  after the events of the original adventure movie and sees six teenage heroes come together to save the world from a mysterious rising evil. A number of characters from the ’80s movie return, including Willow (Warwick Davis) himself.

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