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Is Uncle Fester in Wednesday?

Tim Burton's new horror series brings The Addams Family to a new generation, but during the stay at Nevermore Academy, is Uncle Fester in Wednesday?

Is Uncle Fester in Wednesday?

Is Uncle Fester in Wednesday? Tim Burton has put his spin on the Addams Family for horror series Wednesday, where the troubled daughter is sent to Nevermore Academy, where she might fit in better with the misfit student body.

Wednesday fits in alright, diving head first into a local mystery surrounding a beast stalking the woods near Nevermore Academy. though she has Thing by her side in the Netflix series, she’s a bit out of her depth, despite some friends who help out. It’s the kind of situation a loving uncle would be perfect for, but is Uncle Fester in Wednesday?

Read on to find out the ooky, cooky, and spooky truth! Well, not spooky, really, just some facts about a new TV show, not all that scary. Unless you find information creepy – but we’re getting off track.

Is Uncle Fester in Wednesday?

Yes, Uncle Fester is in Wednesday, he shows up for the sixth episode of the TV series, ‘Quid Pro Woe’. Initially, Wednesday thinks he’s a strange man gatecrashing a funeral, but it turns out to be her dear old uncle who has to lay low for a minute.

While staying with Wednesday on the grounds of Nevermore Academy, he proves quite useful. He helps revive Thing after the hand’s brutal attempted murder at the hands of a sneaky assailant, and he helps reveal what the Nevermore Academy monster is.

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Despite never being a student at Nevermore, Fester knows a great deal about the school, and mythology in general. He studied a lot during visits to see his brother Gomez, who’s Wednesday’s father, and young Morticia, and his own exploits have put him close to many strange and wonderful people.

Who plays Uncle Fester in Wednesday?

Uncle Fester is played by Fred Armisen in Wednesday. The role was kept a secret until later in the publicity cycle. Netflix wanted to make sure the eccentric character got a proper entrance!

Fester is a crucial part of Wednesday solving the murders, and his presence clearly makes her a little happier. He certainly makes Wednesday worth watching. Will he return for Wednesday season 2? We can only hope!