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James Gunn hasn’t called Zack Snyder since taking over the DCEU

James Gunn may be the new boss of the DCEU, but giving Zack Snyder a call clearly wasn't high on his list of priorities since taking over

Henry Cavill in Batman V Superman

James Gunn is the new king of the DC movie world and he clearly has a lot on his plate to stabilise the superhero movie franchise. One task that must not be on his list of priorities though, is getting in touch with fellow filmmaker Zack Snyder.

There’s a whole host of DCEU movies we want to see now James Gunn is in control, but we’re sure he had his hands full. Not only is he overseeing the impending Aquaman 2 release date and The Flash release date, but he also has the small matter of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 to deal with over in the Marvel movie universe too.

It’s no surprise then that Gunn and Snyder haven’t had time to talk yet, as Snyder himself revealed on The Preston and Steve Show.

“As far as I know, which is very little, I am doing my thing and haven’t had anyone give me a call or anything. So I a just wishing them all the best and hoping that they make some cool movies,” Snyder said.

We would imagine some contact could be made at some point though, considering Man of Steel 2 is on the way and Snyder is the man who brought Henry Cavill’s first Superman movie to life. There’s also the fact there’s a huge demand for Justice League 2, which would see Snyder complete his vision.

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