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The Crown season 5 ending explained

We break down everything that happens in The Crown season 5 ending, including where the Netflix series leaves Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth II

What happens in The Crown season 5 ending? The Netflix series has arrived at the ’90s, and one of the most tumultuous periods in the royal family’s history. Diana, Princess of Wales, is a focal point, played by Elizabeth Debicki, as she begins her separation from the monarchy.

Anyone who lived through this decade knows full well how this went. Imelda Staunton portrays Queen Elizabeth II, who is confronted by a changing tide in British society, and her own family. Diana and former husband Prince Charles’s separation is less than amicable, and challenges confront Buckingham Palace on all sides. It’s one of the most charged seasons of the drama series yet, taking us towards the conclusion of Peter Banks’s long-form look at the family.

What exactly goes on in The Crown season 5 ending, though? For that matter, how does it set up The Crown season 6? Decency and decorum are under threat, and rightly so, and we’ve got all the details for you.

What happens in The Crown season 5 ending?

Three key royal events are the focal point of The Crown season 5 finale. First, we have Queen Elizabeth II confronting Prince Charles about his relationship with Camilla Parker-Bowles. Charles used the royal yacht to take Camilla on a trip to Manilla, something Elizabeth frowns upon emphatically.

They argue about the monarchy losing its grip on modern society and the way Diana’s publicly exposed and challenged the Royal family. Charles believes if something doesn’t change, their kingdom might not be worth much in the years to come.

The Crown season 5 ending explained: The Crown season 5 cast

Following this, Elizabeth takes a final stroll around the HMY Britannia, the royal yacht that’s to be decommissioned. In 1997, the boat was removed from use due to the costs needed, and the show uses this as a moment to look nostalgically at the royals of this century.

In the final scene, Princess Diana arrives on the private ocean liner of Mohamed Al-Fayed, who invited her and her two sons on a holiday to France as guests. The last we see of her, she looks over her shoulder into a mirror and smiles.

Her relationship with Dodi Fayed, Mohamed’s son, is about to become public. The two met as her marriage to Charles fell apart, and in the closing moments of The Crown season 5, we get a glimpse of the optimism she felt about that relationship. Sadly, it wouldn’t last long.

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When does The Crown season 5 ending take place?

The Crown season 5 finishes during the summer of 1997. This is three years after her landmark interview with Jonathan Dimbleby and right when the Britannia is properly taken out of use.

That means Diana and Dodi’s fatal car crash is right around the corner. Mere weeks away, in fact, giving season 6 a perfect moment to start before rounding out the decade.

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