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Who plays young Morticia in Wednesday?

The Addams Family are in a new Netflix series co-created by Tim Burton, giving us a lot of their history, but who plays young Morticia in Wednesday?

Who plays young Morticia in Wednesday?

Who plays young Morticia in Wednesday? The new Netflix series brings the Addams Family back to live-action, and Wednesday Addams is being sent away to boarding school. Not just any educational institute though, Nevermore Academy, the same place that Gomez and Morticia met.

Wednesday is overjoyed to be following in her parents footsteps of course, and she fits right in with her fellow students in the horror series. Away from her social foibles, we get a couple of looks into Morticia and Gomez’s time at the academy, as young, lovelorn teenagers. Different actors are used for these scenes.

Which begs the question: who plays young Morticia in Wednesday? And young Gomez, for that matter? Thankfully, you don’t need to look into any old crypts for the answers here, because we have them for you!

Who plays young Morticia Addams in Wednesday?

Young Morticia Addams is portrayed by Gwen Jones. The actor takes on the role in flashbacks from adult Morticia, played by Catherine Zeta-Jones, who recalls the night Gomez was accused of murder.

This is one of the ongoing sub-plots of Wednesday, wherein it’s discovered that Gomez and Morticia’s time at Nevermore Academy wasn’t smooth sailing, despite their romantic engagement. Gwen steps in as Morticia, though not much else is different about the character. She still has long black hair and a decadent dress, making her the spitting image of Zeta-Jones.

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Who plays young Gomez Addams in Wednesday?

Opposite Gwen Jones is Lucius Hoyos, who portrays young Gomez during the same flashbacks. He steps in for Luiz Guzman as Morticia’s other half.

Besides being younger, Gomez isn’t all that different either. Hoyos wears a suit extremely well, and he has the same hairstyle. We don’t see Uncle Fester in any of these scenes, but the suggestion is he’s bald then, too.

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