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One Piece Film Red: Tot Musica explained

One Piece Film: Red has introduced us to one of the most musical villains around - here is everything you need to know about the monster Tot Musica

One Piece Film Red: Uta singing Tot Musica

What is Tot Musica? One Piece is an anime series that has had plenty of big baddies over the years. However, the latest villain in the beloved pirate franchise takes the musical cake. In the new One Piece movie, the Straw Hats are made to face the evil plans of the pop star and Shanks’ estranged daughter, Uta and a being called Tot Musica.

One Piece Film: Red tells the story of Luffy and his gang heading to the concert of the pop star Uta. However, they soon find themselves trapped in a fantasy world and at Uta’s mercy as she tries to force a ‘New Genisis’ to occur by erasing reality itself. Tot Musica is a powerful weapon in her hands that gets mentioned on more than one occasion.

However, as One Piece Film: Red moves at lightning speed, you may have missed some key details when it comes to this evil monster. With this in mind, The Digital Fix is here to clear up the confusion – here is everything you need to know about Tot Musica. (warning spoilers ahead!)

What is Tot Musica?

Tot Musica is a monstrous being who is also known as the Demon King of Songs. Along with the anime character Uta, it is also the main antagonist of One Piece Film: Red.

Tot Musica can only be summoned by the user of the Uta Uta no Mi Devil Fruit, who must sing its namesake song in order to unleash it on the world. Uta, when she was a young girl, accidentally sang the said song, causing Tot Musica to destroy the kingdom of Elegia. Shanks and the Red Haired Pirates manage to defeat the beast. However, the sheet music containing the demon’s song remains in Uta’s hands.

The Demon King, after 12 years, was then summoned once more by Uta at the end of the One Piece Film: Red, during the final battle between the One Piece characters Luffy, Uta and Shanks – as Uta tried desperately to protect her vision of a new world. But luckily, it was once again defeated by Shanks and Luffy, before it could massacre the world as it did to the people of Elegia years ago.

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What are Tot Musica’s powers?

So Tot Musica is a powerful foe; there is no denying that. Once summoned, it has the power to destroy entire kingdoms and has no qualms when it comes to some casual genocide, either.

The Uta Uta no Mi Devil Fruit user has the ability to transport people’s consciousness to a fantasy world (named the Uta World )– where Tot Musica also materialises when summoned. Bringing reality and the Uta World together, it has the power to wreak havoc upon multiple dimensions at once – pretty overpowered if you ask me.

Tot Musica is also pretty tricky to take down as a whole. The only way the heroes could best it in One Piece Film: Red was by coordinating attacks to strike it at the same time in both realities – with the Straw Hats fighting it in the Uta World and the Red Haired pirates fighting it in reality.

At the end of One Piece Film: Red Tot Musica has successfully defeated (after a ton of effort, I may add ) and is unlikely to return to the anime series anytime soon. You can now see the Demon King for yourself as One Piece Film: Red is out in cinemas now.

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