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Star Wars: Andor goes viral with these four words

Everybody is loving Star War: Andor, but not just because it's a brilliant sci-fi series, it's also down to these four words at the end of episode 9

Andy Serkis as Kino Loy in Star Wars Andor

People are going wild for the new Star Wars series, and with good cause too. Andor has consistently proven week in week out that it is the best thing to come from the franchise in a very long time, and Andor episode 9 has sent fans wild on social media.

The sci-fi series follows the Star Wars character Cassian Andor, who you may remember from the Star Wars movie Rogue One. We see how he takes his first steps into the Rebellion and sticks it to the Imperial Forces along the way, but Cassian was arrested in Andor episode 7 and life hasn’t been easy for him since.

Cassian is currently imprisoned and not only does he have to take his shoes off on Narkina 5, but he also has to deal with terribly dangerous conditions. Cassian can’t wait to escape, but he needs to get Kino Loy on side first.

It was a genuine surprise to see Andy Serkis in Andor, but a welcome one for sure. His character Kino is essentially the supervisor for Cassian and his fellow inmates, and we’ve been longing for him to rebel and help the prisoners break free. Well, at the end of episode 9, we finally saw the first hint that this will happen.

When Cassian asks Kino over and over how many guards there are in each area of the facility, Kino refuses to answer. But, as tensions escalate, a cliffhanger for the next episode sees Kino finally respond: “Never more than 12.” And the crowd goes wild!

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Fans on Twitter have been sharing their reaction to these four little words, and it’s safe to say people are exciting about the impending act of rebellion. Twitter user ABrownSpot said the line is “proof that you don’t need over the top action and big cameos to get a cheer out an audience,” while Annlyel James said: “Never more than 12 is now one of the best lines in Star Wars.”

We’ve seen memes and GIFs aplenty as people cheer this brilliant character development, and just like us, more and more people are realising Andor is the best Star Wars series. If you want to know more about the show, check out our guide to Cassian’s plan to escape Narkina 5.