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Henry Cavill shares the Ridley Scott movie that forced him into acting

Henry Cavill's career might have taken a very different turn if it wasn't for one iconic Ridley Scott movie, which cemented his interest in acting

Henry Cavill in Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Henry Cavill has revealed that one Ridley Scott movie cemented his passion for movies and acting. Cavill is one of the biggest names in Hollywood.

The British actor has, arguably, one of the biggest jobs in superhero movie history as he leads the DC movie universe as Superman. It was recently confirmed through Black Adam that he would be continuing in the role, after years of speculation that his era as the Man of Steel was over.

Cavill is also known for his role in the spy movie series Mission: Impossible, for his turn as Sherlock Holmes in the Netflix movie series Enola Holmes, and as the leading presence in the fantasy series The Witcher – which he will leave at the end of season 3. It’s fair to say that the actor has had more success than most actors can ever dream of.

Now, speaking to Deadline, Cavill has shared the one movie that made him certain that a career in acting in movies was for him. Asked about whether there was any movie that especially cemented his interest in acting, he cited the famous Ridley Scott movie Gladiator.

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Cavill said “When I watched Ridley Scott’s Gladiator with Russell Crowe that was such a wonderful experience… I love that period of history anyway, and the way they presented it was engaging and fun and it made me think ‘that’s the kind of stuff I want to do’, and I didn’t realise that kind of stuff you could transport from your brain so easily to the screen. So for me, it was Gladiator. Gladiator was a formative experience in my youth.”

It’s a great pick, and Ridely Scott’s historical action movie is widely regarded as one of the best movies of all time, period. And, when you compare Gladiator to Cavill’s own time as an actor, it’s possible to spot that he tends to choose projects that have a certain sense of scale just as the Russell Crowe movie does.

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