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New The Making of The Rings of Power series unveils stunning BTS work

A new docu-series accompanying the Rings of Power fantasy series, called The Making of The Rings of Power, is now available to watch on Amazon Prime

Rings of Power: Galadriel

One of the highlights of Rings of Power was the production design, lots of which was impossibly intricate, and genuinely stunning. So, if you’re a fan of the TV series – or even just of the way it looks –  and want to know more about how it was made, we have some good news for you.

Using the x-ray feature on streaming service Amazon Prime, you will soon be able to watch The Making of The Rings of Power. This is a docuseries accompanying every episode of Rings of Power, showing the behind the scenes work that went into the creation of the Middle-earth fantasy series.

You can check out the gorgeous trailer for the new docuseries below:

YouTube Thumbnail

The trailer gives a glimpse of some of the content of the docuseries, showing so much of the craft and hard work that was involved in bringing a new version of Middle-earth, in the Second Age, to life. A highlight in the trailer is the behind the scenes look at the creation of the costumes, including the sewing and sculpture that went into some of the robes and armour. It also features some concept art for the series, so audiences can see the inspiration behind the visuals for plenty of the most memorable scenes.

In addition to that, the trailer also shows conversations with the stars of the series, such as Morfydd Clark, who played Galadriel and Owain Arthur, who played Durin. Those interviews, as well as the rest of the exclusive footage, will make the docuseries a must watch for anyone who wants to prepare for Rings of Power season 2 or learn more about the impressive work that went into the first season.

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