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Jessica Chastain wants to do James Bond movie, but not as a Bond girl

Acclaimed actor Jessica Chastain is all for starring in a James Bond movie, however she has one role in mind and it isn't as a Bond girl

Jessica Chastain in Ava

Award-winning actor Jessica Chastain is no stranger to action movies. In the past, we have seen her star in films such as Zero Dark Thirty and the science fiction movie Interstellar. However, it now looks like the acclaimed star has a new franchise in her sights – the James Bond movies.

While appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to promote the upcoming drama series George & Tammy, Chastain revealed her love for 007, and how she would love to be a part of one of the spy movies – however, not in the role you’d originally think.

When female actors are cast in a James Bond movie, your first thought is a Bond girl – one of the agent’s romantic companions and a powerful femme fatale in her own right. But Chastain isn’t fussed about being one of Bond’s significant others. Instead, the star is all for a villain role, ready to aim for world domination and Bond’s life instead of his heart.

“When I started in the industry about ten years ago, everyone kept asking me, ‘Would you like to be a Bond Girl?’ Because it –for a woman in the industry, it was like, ooh, the pinnacle of success to play a Bond Girl,” Chastain explained. “And for me, I was like, ‘No, I want to be the villain.’ Like, I love this idea of, like, Bond being afraid of me. And, so, yeah, of course, anyone wants to call me with a Bond-villain role, I’m there.”

Since Daniel Craig ended his era as the iconic character after the spy movie No Time To Die, the hunt is on for a new James Bond actor. However, even when asked if she would consider being the first female James Bond, Chastain stated that she had no interest in playing the good guys whatsoever.

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“I might be the only person who’s ever said they have no interest in playing James Bond,” the actor said. “I want to torture James Bond! Let me have my dream, Jimmy!”

As mentioned above, the hunt for a new James Bond is on, meaning that more villains will be scouted for new movies in the future too. With that in mind, Chastain’s 007 torturing dreams could still be a reality, so fingers crossed!

While we wait on news, fans can see Chastain in the newly released drama movies The Good Nurse and Armageddon Time now. For more top picks, here is our list of the 2023 movies that we can’t wait to see.