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Stranger Things star thinks Nancy shouldn’t be with Steve

One of the biggest stars of Stranger Things doesn't think that Nancy should be with Steve, and they think she should be with someone else

Stranger Things cast: Joe Keery as Steve

The biggest star of the Netflix series Stranger Things believes that Nancy should ditch Steve for Jonathan. The latest season of the sci-fi series Stranger Things recently concluded, and it’s been setting up a romance between Nancy and fan-favourite character Steve.

However, one person who doesn’t think that the two should be together is Millie Bobby Brown. Bobby Brown plays Eleven in the TV series, a child with psychokinetic powers. The young British actor is one of the leads in the show, which has since become one of the streaming service Netflix’s biggest IPs.

Millie Bobby Brown has given her thoughts on who Nancy should be with in the series instead of Jonathan. While doing a lie detector test for Vanity Fair the actor was asked whether she thought that Steve and Nancy belong together, and she said that she didn’t. When asked who Nancy should pick, she said “[Nancy should pick] Jonathan…because he’s kind, and he might just need a little bit more time to grow into himself, as a man.”

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Steve is generally seen to be one of the most likeable characters in the sci-fi horror series, so it will come as a surprise to some that Bobby Brown doesn’t see the pair being together. But, then again, she could have some insight that the audience doesn’t. Whether or not Nancy will follow Millie Bobby Brown’s advice is anyone’s guess, but we likely won’t find out for a few years until the release of Stranger Things season 5.

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