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You can now buy the house from The Goonies (if you’re a millionaire)

The house from The Goonies is for sale, and the good news is that you could be in with the chance of buying it, but only if you're a millionaire

The Goonies

Do you have well over a million dollars to spare? Are you a big fan of the ’80s movie The Goonies? Well, you’re in for a treat, because the house from The Goonies is now for sale.

The news was shared by Lord of the Rings movie star Elijah Wood on Twitter, who posted a link to the online listing for the house, where you can take a look at each of the rooms and other details. You can check it out for yourself by clicking here.

The house itself is huge, and situated on (what appears to be) a generous portion of land. It also looks to have been very well looked after since its time on the famous adventure movie, though it is strange to see the familiar interior of the house in a different context.

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The Goonies was hugely successful upon its release, and has managed to maintain its popularity by being cemented as an ’80s classic. The kids comedy movie follows a group of young kids as they discover a treasure map that could lead them to a huge fortune buried by a long-dead pirate. However, not everything goes completely to plan, and the adventure ends up getting more dangerous than anyone anticipated.

It’s just a lot of fun, and is regarded by many as the definitive kids adventure movie. So, if there any multi-millionaire fans of The Goonies out there (and we’re sure that there will be), then there are plenty of worse ways that you could spend your money.

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