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Why is Wednesday sent to Nevermore Academy in the Netflix series?

Tim Burton's new horror series brings The Addams Family to streaming service Netflix, but why is Wednesday in Nevermore Academy in the first place?

Why is Wednesday in Nevermore Academy?

Why is Wednesday in Nevermore Academy? Tim Burton’s new Netflix series based on The Addams Family sends Wednesday off to boarding school. Finally, away from Morticia and Gomez and her darling brother Pugsley, Wednesday can prosper on her lonesome.

Or so she wishes since boarding schools aren’t big on privacy. The Addams Family has a history in Nevermore Academy since it’s where young Morticia and Gomez met and started dating. Wednesday isn’t so enamoured, but the horror series give her plenty to do as she solves local murders and learns about some inherited powers.

A life-changing transition, to be sure, but one that makes Wednesday worth watching. Though why is Wednesday in Nevermore Academy? Read on to find out!

Why is Wednesday sent to Nevermore Academy?

Wednesday is sent to Nevermore Academy after she attacked school bullies for hurting her brother, Pugsley. Noticing that Pugsley’s getting it hard from their school’s swim team, she heads to a training session where some piranhas scare the boys straight.

Though she gets the desired result in the fantasy series, her methods leave one without a testicle. Hearing this doesn’t cause Wednesday to wilt – quite the opposite in fact, she’s rather proud of what she achieved. The incident causes Gomez and Morticia to send their daughter to the same boarding school they attended, understanding that integration with normal people just mightn’t happen.

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At first, she resents the school. She has to share a room with Enid Sinclair, a bubbly student who wears pink and like to socialise, two things Wednesday despises. But a murder case swiftly gives her an extra-curricular activity, and despite her protestations, her newfound pals decide to join as well, aww!

Alas, the Nevermore Academy monster gives them all something to be truly scared by. We’ll see in Wednesday season 2 if she manages to stay enrolled, and what other cello songs she plays.