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Will there be a Walking Dead season 12?

The Walking Dead has come to an end but might the horror series claw it's way out of the grave and lumber around for a 12th season?

Will there be a Walking Dead season 12?

Will there be a Walking Dead season 12? For more than ten years, viewers have enjoyed the adventures of Rick, Daryl, Maggie, and Michonne as they desperately tried to survive the zombie apocalypse and hang onto their humanity.

Along the way, the horror series has given us plenty of downs, a few ups,  and more deaths than you can even remember. Seriously remember when Steve got bit? No, of course, you don’t. We made Steve up. Anyway, The Walking Dead is still very popular, so could we get a season 12? 

Will there be a Walking Dead season 12?

Unfortunately, there won’t be a Walking Dead season 12. The series came to an end on November 20, 2022. Don’t worry, though, zombie fans. This isn’t the end of the story; it’s just the beginning.

Its spin-off show, Fear the Walking Dead, is still going strong, and four more series have been announced. So far, we know about The Walking Dead: Dead City, which will focus on Maggie and Negan and an anthology series called Tales of the Walking Dead.

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As for the other two shows?? We don’t have many details yet, but it’s expected that one will focus on Daryl while the other will be about Rick’s adventures with Michonne, which was set up in the finale.

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