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Bob Hoskins was paid $200,000 to lose a role to Robert De Niro

Late actor Bob Hoskins was more than happy to lose out on a particular thriller movie to De Niro, when the director paid him $200,000 regardless

Bob Hoskins in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

We’re sure actors are mainly in the industry for the love of the craft, but being paid a lot of money to be a movie star does help, too. The only problem with that is, you have to work hard for the money… usually. Not for Bob Hoskins though, who got paid $200,000 by Brian De Palma for not even getting a role in his movie The Untouchables.

The late actor, perhaps most well known for his role in the family movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, sadly passed away in 2014. The British performer had an outstanding career, and was clearly so well-loved and respected that he got a big payday from legendary director Brian De Palma simply for turning up.

Hoskins was in line to play Al Capone in the ‘80s movie The Untouchables, but eventually lost out to Robert De Niro. In an interview for the Conan O’Brien show back in 1998, Hoskins revealed that he received a nice cheque after the casting process for the thriller movie, along with a lovely note from De Palma.

“I got sent the script for The Untouchables and De Palma said ‘Take a look at Al Capone and meet me in the bar,'” Hoskins recalled. “So I met him and the first thing he said was, ‘Well really I want De Niro to play this part,’ and I said ‘Oh great, I’m glad I came.'”

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“He said, ‘De Niro is a bit difficult to get an answer out of, so if he won’t do it, would you?'” Hoskins added. “Next thing I know, De Niro is playing the part, I read it in the newspaper.”

“Sitting at breakfast one morning, we’re opening the post, and there’s a cheque for $200,000, and [a note] said ‘Thanks for your time, love Brian,'” the actor explained. “I phoned him up and said ‘Brian, listen, you got any films you don’t want me to be in babe, I’m there for you!'” Hoskins joked.

Not bad for a day’s work on a drama movie, right? If only action movie auditions paid that much generally. It’s a great story, and such a joy to watch Hoskins tell it with his inimitable charm. The versatile performer is sorely missed, and this little throwback is a brilliant reminder as to why.