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Paul Mescal doesn’t think he has enough “patience” for Marvel movies

After starring in Normal People and Aftersun, Paul Mescal could be destined for the MCU, but he's not sure he's cut out for Marvel movies just yet

Paul Mescal in Aftersun

You'd think most actors would be eager to join the MCU and star in a Marvel movie. They're some of the biggest blockbusters being produced, and if your MCU character survives, it's a steady gig for years. Paul Mescal, star of Normal People and Aftersun, doesn't think he's ready for that level of commitment just yet.

“This will be something that I regret saying, but at the moment, it’s not something – It’s not been asked of me,” Mescal tells GQ UK when asked about doing a Marvel project. “So I feel kind of like ridiculous saying no when it hasn’t been asked, but it’s not something that I am pining to do. I don’t know if I would have the patience required. And I am deeply envious of people who do have that patience.”

He does say he has plans to “do something a little bit shinier”, indicating that more mainstream plans are in motion. Just maybe not Thor 5 or anything in Marvel's Phase 5.

To be fair, we can see where he’s coming from. The MCU is a long-haul agreement for actors who’re one of big heroes or Marvel villains. You could be tied into multiple films and shows and wind up sacrificing other work.

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Elizabeth Olsen has spoken about losing out on other productions she was keen on because of Marvel’s plans. It’s constant, and right now, it’s not like Mescal needs a fuller schedule. His new drama movie, Aftersun, is about to go on general release after garnering massive buzz on the festival circuit. He has the musical Carmen coming soon and the science fiction movie Foe.

It might be a minute before he even has time to join fellow Irish actor Barry Keoghan in Marvel’s multiverse. Until then, Aftersun is out in UK cinemas on November 18.