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1899 creators hint the Netflix series will end after season 3

1899 creators Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar have a three season plan for the Netflix series, and they've already dropped some clues for the conclusion

Emily Beecham in 1899

1899, like Dark before it, is a wild Netflix series full of twists and turns. Every episode presents a revelation, culminating in a reality-shattering finale that’s just the kind of swing you’d expect from Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar. They have plans for more, and what’s coming’s already been well-seeded.

Speaking to IndieWire, they chatted about their plans for the drama series. 1899 is planned out for three seasons, just like Dark, but whether or not that happens depends on viewership. If it does, eagle-eyed fans might have already twigged where it’s all headed.

“We are giving a big answer in episode 7 in season 1,” bo Odar explains. “It’s not a constant, ‘Yeah, we fool you’, and then you see it in Season 3. Season 1 is about establishing a big theme, a big thing. Let’s see if there’s a season 2, and then we’ll start playing with that theme and have a resolution ideally in the third season.”

Talking about their process, Friese mentions that they want viewers to be “unbalanced” by the tone and feel of everything in the TV series. “It does feel a little bit like an 1899 historical drama piece, but something is off,” she states. “What we constantly do is play with expectations. You read a code, and you expect something, and you feel safe in that. You think you figured it out. We’re breaking that expectation and then hopefully giving you a satisfactory answer.”

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No spoilers, but 1899 is another cryptic, high-concept story like Dark, and the mechanics of its twists are quite different. The plot starts in a ship mid-voyage from London to New York in the titular year that gets drawn off course by the reappearance of another vessel, the Prometheus, that disappeared four months prior.

An attempt to find the other boat brings several crewmates into a mystery that only gets stranger as it goes. We’re still waiting on word on 1899 season 2, but so far, it seems to be a hit. Let’s hope Friese and bo Odan can go the distance, and we can find out what hints they’ve dropped.

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