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Henry Cavill wants Man of Steel 2 to make fans feel like they can fly

Henry Cavill isn't just returning as Superman, he is actively hoping to make everyone feel like a superhero in the upcoming Man of Steel 2 DC movie

Henry Cavill in Man of Steel as Superman flying

Following his recent appearance in the DC movie Black Adam, Henry Cavill’s return as our favourite Kryptonian Superman has inspired a lot of hope about the future of the DC franchise. The status of the DCEU has been in flux following Zack Snyder’s Justice League and exit from the IP in 2021, which many thought would result in Cavill retiring from the role of Clark Kent too.

However, Man of Steel 2, the sequel to the 2013 Superman movie Man of Steel, is actively in development – and Cavill is not only confirmed to be returning as Superman, but he also has big hopes for the future superhero movie.

While promoting the detective movie Enola Holmes 2 to Screen Rant, Cavill expressed what the character of Superman means to him and how he hopes that his next outing as the powerful alien in Man of Steel 2 will resonate with audiences – making them feel as if they can pop on a cape and save the day too.

“Obviously, I have a very close connection to the character. And there is something extraordinarily special about him; extraordinarily special about his capacity to give and to love,” he said. “I don’t mean romantically; I mean his love for Earth and for the people who live here, and to make people feel powerful – to make people feel like Superman themselves.”

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“I have plenty of desires for this, of course, which will be discussed more in time,” Cavill continued. “But the most important thing, which I will be aiming for, is for the audience to leave the cinema and to feel like they can fly, to feel like they can protect, and to feel like they want to give to everyone else. That would be my goal.”

Cavill’s uplifting hopes for Superman are vastly different to the serious tone of Snyder’s version of the character in 2013. However, the actor’s words could suggest that we will be seeing an all-new viewpoint of the character in Man of Steel 2. Currently, no plot details have been confirmed about the new action movie, so we will have to wait on Cavill to spill more of the proverbial beans.

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