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Sean Connery once beat up a real mobster on a movie set

Before Sean Connery was James Bond, he was already beating up gangsters. While filming Another Time, Another Place the star punched Mickey Cohen's bodyguard

Sean Connery once beat up a real mobster on a movie set

Before his time as James Bond, it turns out that Sean Connery was already fighting in tinsel town. According to Den of Geek, while filming the 1958 drama movie Another Time, Another Place, the legendary star ended up facing off against the well-known and real-life mob enforcer, Johnny Stompanato.

Stompanato was famously known as the bodyguard of the gangster Mickey Cohen, who at the time of Connery’s filming schedule was in an abusive relationship with Another Time, Another Place’s leading lady – Lana Turner. In the 50s movie, Turner’s character, an American war correspondent, falls in love with Connery, who played the role of a British reporter during World War II. The two actors’ on-screen relationship led to multiple rumours of a real-life affair – something that Stompanato wasn’t too pleased about.

The continued rumour mill involving his significant other led the mobster to fly to London and confront Connery in person. Stompanato reportedly charged onto the film’s set, threatening Connery at gunpoint. However, it turns out that the mobster was no match for the future agent 007.

Besides acting, Connery was an established Scottish bodybuilder and held a black belt in karate. According to Den of Geek, Stompanato was disarmed once Connery twisted his arm and knocked him unconscious with a single punch. The mobster was then escorted off the film’s set and was deported due to his actions breaking England’s gun laws.

After the intense filming experience, Connery would go on to continue his crime-fighting streak on the big screen. In 1962 the star was cast as James Bond in the spy movie Dr No, and would retire as the iconic agent in 1983, after the film Never Say Never Again. I guess the saying art imitates life is somewhat true, right?

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