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James Gunn’s DC movie plan will be unveiled at the start of 2023

James Gunn is the new head of the DC movie franchise, and now he's set to unveil his big superhero plan at the beginning of next year

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James Gunn is the new head of DC movies, performing a similar role for the DCEU that Kevin Feige does for the MCU. Now, he’s set to unveil his big plans for the franchise at the start of 2023.

It’s fair to say that the DC movie universe hasn’t quite had the same level of stability as the Marvel movie franchise. Superhero movies that were expected to smash the box office, like Justice League, underperformed, while stand-alone movies with much smaller budgets, like Joker, became one of the highest grossing movies of the year.

It’s all very confusing for all-but the most die-hard fans, who have sometimes struggled to keep up with the different universes. For example, the ‘Snyderverse’ has its own Batman, which the standalone Batman movie isn’t a part of, but that Batman is not part of the Joker movie universe either, which is also separate to the Justice League universe. Interesting. Adding to that, there’s been endless confusion about the future of major characters like Superman, who only now has had his future with Henry Cavill confirmed.

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In an attempt to clear this all up, and bring a sense of order and direction to the franchise, DC has brought James Gunn onboard who worked on The Suicide Squad and the Peacemaker TV series. Now, Gunn will soon be ready to reveal his plans for the future of the series.

On Twitter Gunn confirmed a recent report from The Wrap which suggested he would be sharing his plans soon. He accepted that the two-month timeline was correct, meaning that his plans will be revealed in January, however he said that he would only be sharing them with high-level studio executives.

That doesn’t mean that fans won’t also find out though, and it’s almost certain that when Gunn reveals his masterplan, it will slowly become public. This means that DC fans could be getting a much clearer picture of the future of the franchise very, very soon. In the meantime, check out our run down of the DCEU movies we want to see now James Gunn is in control. Or, take a look at our guide to Man of Steel 2.