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Jonathan Majors loves being the new Marvel villain, and here’s why

Playing the hero isn't for everyone, as Jonathan Majors reveals exactly why he is relishing the role of Marvel villain Kang in the MCU

Jonathan Majors as Kang in Loki

Being involved in the world of Marvel movies must be a lot of fun, but for many actors, there is a choice to be made as to what path your MCU character will take. For Jonathan Majors, who plays the new big, bad Marvel villain Kang the Conqueror, being the nemesis is proving to be incredibly satisfying.

Majors’ iteration of Kang was first introduced in the Marvel series Loki, and is set to play a huge role in the superhero movie universe moving forward. He is next set to appear in Ant-Man 3 but will be the over-arching villain throughout Marvel’s Phase 5 and beyond, leading up to the Avengers 5 release date and Avengers: Secret Wars, too.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Majors spoke about how much he is enjoying being a part of the MCU and why playing multiple versions of his character was so appealing.

“That’s what’s on the page. That’s what the IP says. I was cool, very cool. Kang just lives in his own world in the MCU. No spoilers here, but there’s so many variants of him. And with the powers that are the MCU, that intelligentsia and that brain trust there, they’re just really working to use the IP to its best ability, and it’s extremely humbling that they picked me to step into that,” Majors said.

“I’m honoured to do it, and I’m always excited to see what we’re doing. And yes, six years after Yale and ten years after North Carolina School of the Arts, my first drama school, it’s what you always hoped for as an actor. Kang is a career in itself. It’s either the cake itself or the cherry on top, I don’t know. But to play multiple versions, it’s just beautiful. It’s a workshop every day,” he added.

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We can’t wait to see Majors go all-out in the role and if we were one of the Avengers, we’d be pretty worried. That said, if the strongest Avengers unite, we’re sure they’ll find a way to stop Kang in his tracks.

While we wait for this to play out, why not check out some details about Majors’ upcoming work in Creed 3, or find out more about Loki season 2 to see if Kang will pop up there.