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Kino Loy’s fate teased by Andor episode 10 director

Andy Serkis has returned to Star Wars in the new series Andor as Kino Loy. But what's in store for the character's future after the last episode?

Andy Serkis as Kino Loy in Star Wars Andor

The new Star Wars series Andor introduced the latest fan-favourite Star Wars character Kino Loy, and now we know a little bit more about his potential future. Kino Loy is a prisoner in charge of the operations on level 2 of the Narkina 5 prison.

He was first introduced in Andor episode 8, and it seemed that he was going to be another Star Wars villain alongside Syril Karn and the Galactic Empire‘s ISB officers. Then, slowly, it became clear that the character was a good guy after all, and he eventually got on board with Cassian Andor’s plan to escape the compound.

It looked like the character was set to free himself, and would be joining the Rebellion alongside Cassian and Melshi. However, in Andor episode 10 at the end of the prison break it was revealed that the character wouldn’t be able to leave the floating prison because he couldn’t swim. That left the character in a seemingly lose-lose situation, where it looked like his imminent death might be on the cards whatever choice he made.

Now, the director of the latest episode of the sci-fi series has shed some light on what Kino Loy’s future might look like. Speaking to EW, Toby Haynes was asked what was in store for Kino Loy’s future. He said “Oh my God, I wish I knew. I’m a fan from here on, so whether he comes back in this season or not, I don’t know.”

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He continued “I think it’s open there with what happens to his storyline. He certainly wasn’t killed. So we know that much. And then that’s the interesting thing about [Tony Gilroy’s] writing. If you’re not dead, then who knows what’s gonna happen to your character. So [his return] could happen.”

There we have it. Don’t rule out the return of Kino Loy just yet, and his future might even be addressed in the upcoming final two episodes of the new TV series, which is available to watch on streaming service Disney Plus.

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