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One of the best Jake Gyllenhaal movies is now streaming on Netflix

He's got quite the filmography, but this brilliant Jake Gyllenhaal movie is now available to anyone with a Netflix subscription in the US

Jake Gyllenhaal as Billy Hope in Southpaw

Over the years, Jake Gyllenhaal has starred in some of the best movies to grace our screens, and one of his more popular films is now available on the streaming service Netflix.

From his early work in the incredible psychological thriller movie Donnie Darko, to the disaster movie The Day After Tomorrow and the romance movie Brokeback Mountain, to his more recent efforts in the MCU, Gyllenhaal has done it all. He’s been a Marvel villain, a soldier, a detective, and even lent his voice to the new animated movie Strange World.

But now, if you’re in the US and have a subscription to Netflix, you’ll be able to catch one of his most gritty, grounded works.

That’s right, you can now stream Southpaw, the sports movie that sees Gyllenhaal take on the role of down-and-out boxer Billy Hope. It’s a film which packs a punch, both physically and on an emotional level, and sees Gyllenhaal totally transform into a heavyweight in the ring.

While it’s not necessarily his best movie, it certainly pushes Gyllenhaal to the limits, not only putting his body through its paces but also asking him to play a different character to what we usually see from the actor.

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He’s having a quietly impressive 2022, too. He starred in Michael Bay’s action movie Ambulance earlier this year, and is now part of the Disney movie universe with Strange World.

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