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Andy Serkis confirms huge details about Kino Loy and Andor episode 10

Andy Serkis, who plays the Star Wars character Kino Loy in Andor, has confirmed some details about his character's arc in Andor episode 10

Andy Serkis as Kino Loy in Star Wars Andor

Andy Serkis, who plays Kino Loy in the new Star Wars series Andor, has confirmed some major plot beats about his character and the unfolding story in episode 10. Serkis made his introduction as the Star Wars character in Andor episode 8.

His character, Kino Loy, is an inmate on Narkina 5 alongside Cassian Andor. However, he is also the manager of level 5, overseeing the output and productivity of the other inmates and acting as their leader. Throughout Andor episode 8 and Andor episode 9, Andor has been trying to figure out whether or not Loy might assist him in his plan to escape the Narkina 5 prison. Kino Loy steadfastly rebuffed Andor’s attempts to source information from him which would aid in his escape – that is, up until the incident on level 2 and the death of Ulaf.

In the most recent episode of the sci-fi series, a doctor confirmed to Kino Loy and Andor that none of the prisoners would be leaving at the end of their sentences, and that the prisoners on level 2 had been executed. This revelation left Kino Loy stunned, and he was forced to re-evaluate his determination to work within the system of the prison. At the end of episode 9, it seemed as if Kino Loy had decided to help Andor espace and he informed him that there “never more than 12” guards on a level at any given point.

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This has left fans speculating as to whether or not Kino Loy will commit fully to helping Andor, and the rest of the prisoners, escape from Narkina 5, and now that has been confirmed by Serkis. Speaking to Screen Rant, Serkis reflected on Kino Loy’s upcoming arc. He said “The turning point at the end of episode 9 is so crushing for him. He begins to realize that he has been deluding himself—and not only deluding himself, but actually being untruthful to himself. He’s lost his inner core.”

Serkis continued “And I think we see him beginning to question the possibility, “What if there is a way of getting by and getting out and releasing all of the prisoners?” We start to see, throughout the course of episode 10, him buying into that and enabling that to happen.”

So, Andor episode 10 looks set to see Kino Loy working with Andor to facilitate the escape of the Narkina 5 prisoners. That’s bound to be a tense, and exciting, watch. For more on Andor, check out our guide to Mon Mothma explained, or Luthen Rael’s plan