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Is The Princess Diaries 3 confirmed?

Is the Princess Diaries 3 confirmed? There's been plenty of talk about Princess Diaries 3, not least from Anne Hathaway, but has it been confirmed?

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Is The Princess Diaries 3 confirmed? Everyone wants to see The Princess Diaries 3, don’t they. The original movies are still beloved by fans around the world, who have been clamouring for more Anne Hathaway as the Princess of Genovia.

The first two teen movies starred Hathway and Julie Andrews as the leads, with other big movie stars like Chris Pine, of Star Trek movie fame, dipping in and out of the fun. The first two films were also a huge financial success, to be expected with their big-name stars and huge fanbase. So, why haven’t we got a Princess Diaries 3 yet? More and more rumours about a third instalment have been gaining traction, so is The Princess Diaries 3 confirmed? 

Is The Princess Diaries 3 confirmed?

Now, THR reports that Disney has officially greenlit a Princess Diaries 3 movie, and that it is in the works. The deal does not so far include Anne Hathway, but the romance movie star has been very vocal about her love for the comedy movie series, and has been clear that she’s interested in doing another.

However, there is no news on whether or not Julie Andrews, an equally integral part of the movies, will reprise her role. Behind the camera, Aadrita Mukerji will be working on the script, while Debra Martin Chase will be returning as the producer for the series once again.

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That’s great news, then, for fans of the first two Princess Diaries drama movies, and you can expect there to be more announcements soon. For example, expect to hear official confirmation of Hathaway’s involvement in the coming months, as well as something about Julie Andrews either way.

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