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The Witcher: why is Geralt special?

The Witcher: why is Geralt special? Geralt is the main character in the Neflix fantasy series The Witcher, so let's dig into what sets him apart

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Why is Geralt special? The fantasy series The Witcher is one of streaming service Netflix’s most successful TV series. Starring Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia (for now, at least. The actor is swapping with Liam Hemsworth for season 4 onwards), it follows the Butcher of Blavikan as his destiny becomes intertwined with that of Ciri, the Princess of Cintra, after the attack from the Nilfgaardian Empire.

Adapted from the novels by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, The Witcher’s two seasons have been met with huge critical acclaim. So far, the Netflix series has seen Geralt fight against horrific monsters and protect the young princess from the perils that face her while also digging into the character’s backstory. But why does the story of The Witcher focus on Geralt of Rivia rather than other Witchers, and what sets him apart? With The Witcher season 3 on the horizon, why is Geralt special?

Why is Geralt special?

Geralt is special for two main reasons: first, his fate and impact on the world of The Witcher, and second his skill and prowess as a monster-slayer.

The first reason is the most complicated, but it’s also the most important factor in what makes Geralt special. Thanks to the ancient custom titled the Law of Surprise, Geralt’s future has been linked with that of Ciri ever since he unexpectedly came to the aid of the late queen of Cintra, Queen Calanthe. Ciri is one of the most important figures in the world of The Witcher, and ever since it became Geralt’s destiny to protect her, he’s become similarly important too, by extension.

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The second reason why Geralt is special is that the character is unusually powerful – even for a Witcher. As seen in the second episode of season 2, Geralt is able to defeat foes and opponents that other Witchers struggle against. His use of magic and his skill with a sword is top-tier. Someone has to be the strongest, and in The Witcher, it’s Geralt.

Of course, taking a step back from the fictional fantasy world, there is (arguably) something that makes Geralt special that is more important than these other reasons: Geralt is the main character in The Witcher. Main characters usually are special because they drive the story, and this means that they often are stronger or more important than other characters.

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