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Steve-O reveals the Jackass stunt he refused to do

Steve-O has done some pretty wild stunts when it comes to the Jackass franchise, however there was one prank that he refused to do back in the early 2000s

Steve-O washing a car

When it comes to Jackass stunts, few stars have done as much as cast regular Steve-O. We’ve seen him get bee stings on his nether regions, shoot fireworks out of his butt, and wear a Peruvian jellyfish as a hat. However, despite all the mayhem from the beloved comedy movie franchise that is Jackass, there was one stunt he refused to do, and to this day, he still doesn’t regret saying no.

Created by Jeff Tremaine, Spike Jonze, and star Johnny Knoxville, Jackass originally started as a TV series in the 2000s and followed a gang of friends performing wild and hilarious stunts. After three seasons, the show spawned into a movie franchise, with Steve-O becoming one of the most beloved and famous faces in the crew. But he wasn’t always down to clown on the set of Jackass. In an interview with Yahoo promoting his recent memoir A Hard Kick in the Nuts, Steve-O shared one stunt he turned down during the original Jackass movie in 2002.

The stunt that Steve-O drew a hard line on was the ‘Toy Car Up the Butt’ stunt from the original 2000s movie, Jackass: The Movie. The stunt involved inserting a lubricated toy car up the butt and then visiting a proctologist who would perform x-rays. Steve-O refused the prank, and instead, the ‘Toy Car Up the Butt’ stunt was performed by the late Ryan Dunn.

“I got all this great footage backing out of it. And the way it played out for Ryan [Dunn], there was nothing that could be changed to make it any better,” he said. “That was the most iconic, incredible thing we ever filmed.”

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Said stunt is a famous sequence in the Jackass franchise, so Steve-O is right in his claim that his choice worked out for the best. The toy car incident isn’t the only stunt Steve-O has refused in the past. The star isn’t one to bungee jump either – I guess everyone has their limits, professional stuntman or not.

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