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Does Thing die in Wednesday?

The new Netflix series has all our favourites from The Addams Family, including Uncle Fester and Lurch, but does Thing die in Wednesday?

Does Thing die in Wednesday

Does Thing die in Wednesday? The new Netflix series Wednesday brings The Addams Family back to live-action. Instead of spending time with the entire clan this time, though, we just hang out with Morticia and Gomez’s darling daughter, as she heads off to Nevermore Academy.

Following in their footsteps is less than delightful for Wednesday, though that starts to change once she dedicates herself to figuring out who’s behind the Nevermore Academy monster. Besides her schoolmates, she has another pal in Thing, the family’s disembodied hand who joins for the horror series.

But being close to Wednesday is dangerous right now, and Thing gets attacked. Does Thing die in Wednesday, though? Well, there’s only one away to find out.

Does Thing die in Wednesday?

No, Thing doesn’t die in Wednesday, but he comes close. The autonomous hand is stabbed right through the chest (or palm) by a mysterious killer in Wednesday’s room, leaving it fighting for its life. Luckily, Uncle Fester is in town, and his electric powers are able to kickstart the family-member back to life.

Thing is inanimate by the time they’re in Fester’s company, suggesting that for a moment it might actually be dead. But a pep talk from Wednesday, and Fester’s makeshift defibrillator, bring it back from the brink.

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Who tried to kill Thing?

Thing’s attempted murderers are revealed to be Ms Thornhill, who’s really Laurel Gates, and Tyler. They knew Wednesday was getting close to the secret of the Nevermore Academy monster, so they stole the diary that reveals information on the creature, and put a knife through Thing as a warning.

As you might imagine, it didn’t work, and Thing lives to see Wednesday season 2. If you’d like to know more about the kooky show, check out our guides on young Morticia, the cello song Wednesday plays, and whether Wednesday Addams is human.