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Clint Eastwood didn’t quit acting thanks to this movie

The legendary actor Clint Eastwood might have stopped working in the industry if it wasn't for this particular movie changing his mind

Clint Eastwood in Million Dollar Baby

Clint Eastwood is a legendary actor and filmmaker, renowned for making some of the best movies of all time, particularly in the genre of western movies. But, if it wasn’t for one of his 2000s movies, he would have quit acting altogether.

He’s been acting since the 1950s and has over 70 acting credits to his name now, but Clint Eastwood movies are more than just the ones where he appears on screen. In fact, these days, Eastwood is far more concerned with directing than acting, though he does still pop up every now and again in front of the camera.

In an interview with Reuters from 2008, Eastwood admitted that he was very close to giving up acting completely, but then he made Million Dollar Baby in 2004 and changed his mind.

The drama movie won four Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director for Clint himself. Turns out, that experience won him over, and he’s starred in five movies since.

“I think I started saying that back a few years ago, I said ‘I don’t think I’ll act anymore, I’ll stay behind the camera,’ and then Million Dollar Baby came along and I liked that role,” Eastwood said. “Now I’ve done Gran Torino,” he added.

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Eastwood also had a small role in the movie based on a true story American Sniper, the sport movie Trouble With the Curve, and a couple of westerns.

We can’t imagine a future without Clint on our screens, so thankfully he stuck with it. If you like the work of Clint Eastwood, you’ll love our list of the best action movies and the best thriller movies.