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Andy Serkis thinks Star Wars should give Snoke another chance

Andy Serkis has argued that his character Snoke, from the Star Wars sequel trilogy, should get some new material that explores his backstory

Supreme Leader Snoke in the Star Wars sequel movies

Andy Serkis has returned to Star Wars in the new Star Wars series Andor, but he still thinks that his old Star Wars movie character Snoke should be given a second chance to shine. Back in 2015, Andy Serkis (who famously played the Lord of the Rings character Gollum) made his debut in the galaxy far, far away as the evil Star Wars villain Snoke. Serkis returned as Snoke in the next Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi, in which he was killed by the young Sith Kylo Ren.

With the death of his Star Wars character, fans assumed that they’d seen the last of Serkis in the science fiction movie series. However, they were wrong. Serkis made his surprise return to Star Wars in the new TV series Andor as Kino Loy – the man in charge of the prisoners on level 2. It was something of a shock to see him, as his return had been a well-kept secret.

However, Serkis still seemingly isn’t satisfied with his amount of Star Wars screen time, and we wants to see the story of Snoke revisited. Speaking to Jake’s Takes, he was asked what he’d like to hear from George Lucas about his contribution to Star Wars.

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Serkis said “First of all, I would love him to think about furthering Snoke, actually. I think I’d say to him, “Look, I don’t think we’ve seen enough Snoke.” I think people would love to see more Snoke. And really, really infill the whole lore behind Snoke because I think there’s so much fertile [ground] that has yet to be covered.”

Snoke’s backstory is certainly not the most complete, and there are still a lot of questions left dangling about what exactly the character even was. The Rise of Skywalker seemed to suggest that Snoke was a creation of Emperor Palpatine who Palpatine used to get to Kylo Ren and Rey. But was Snoke aware of Palpatine’s influenec? Did he know he was some kind of clone? Did he have any free will for himself?

So many questions, and honestly, we doubt future Star Wars movies will be exploring them despite Serkis’s wishes. They will instead likely want to move on from the Sequel Trilogy and focus on telling new stories (as Andor has been doing) rather than going back over old ground yet again.