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Studio Ghibli working on Star Wars project with Lucasfilm

Studio Ghibli has announced a partnership with Lucasfilm on something Star Wars related, though details on the sci-fi series or movie are limited

Star Wars: Visions

Studio Ghibli, one of most famed and beloved anime movie studios in the world, is working on something Star Wars-related. A teaser was revealed on Twitter that simply had Ghibli’s logo alongside Lucasfilm’s, a simply video that’s enough to set speculation rampant.

We don’t know what form this collaboration will take. It could be a Star Wars movie or Star Wars series, but either way it’s extremely exciting. Sci-fi series Visions, where a number of anime studios got to retell bits of history from a galaxy far, far away, is one of the best pieces of entertainment in the franchise period.

A Studio Ghibli movie that does something from a long, long time could be spectacular. We could speculate for days on the Star Wars characters we’d love to see, or the kinds of stories that could be told, but it’d all be just that: speculation.

We’ll have to wait for more. In the meantime, Star Wars: Andor is swiftly moving up the ranks as one of the best Star Wars stories yet, looking into life under the Empire away from the Skywalkers.

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Andor and Visions are available to stream on Disney Plus. Check out our guides to Ahsoka, The Acolyte, and The Bad Batch season 2 while we wait for more from this announcement.