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Wakanda Forever: who does Michaela Coel play in Black Panther 2?

Who does Michaela Coel play in Black Panther 2: the actor and writer has joined the MCU and seems to play a major role in Wakanda Forever

Who does Michaela Coel play in Black Panther 2? Of all the exciting additions to the Black Panther cast, one of the most-hyped is Michaela Coel, an actor, and screenwriter who received high acclaim after writing and starring in BBC drama series, I May Destroy You.

On the red carpet for Black Panther 2, Coel, who is the first Black woman to win an Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Limited Series, said, “The feeling it gives me, as a woman of colour, to see my story reflected back still gives me a rush of exhilaration to be seen. This cast give me a lot of confidence, I feel proud to be among them.”

But who does Michaela Coel play in Black Panther 2? To find out more about her Black Panther character, and how she defends Wakanda, look no further.

Who does Michaela Coel play in Black Panther 2?

Michaela Coel plays Aneka in Black Panther 2, who is a pivotal character in the original comics.

In both the comics and in the superhero movie, Aneka is the Combat Instructor of Wakanda’s elite, all-female special forces, the Dora Milaje. She is first introduced in an early scene of Black Panther 2, where she fights against mercenaries sent from France who are trying to steal Wakanda’s Vibranium.

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During this fight, she is reprimanded by General Okoye for not using the traditional Dora Milaje spears, but she explains that the daggers she is using, which emit electricity for extra damage, were made for her by Shuri.

However, her rebellious side is encouraged when it comes time for Wakanda’s final battle with Namor the Sub-Mariner. Shuri and Ironheart recruit her along with Okoye to form the Midnight Angels: a specialist strike force of Wakanda’s best fighters. As one of the Midnight Angels, Aneka then fights alongside Okoye and the new Black Panther in order to defend Wakanda.

Who does Michaela Coel Play in Black Panther 2: Ayo

After the battle has ended, she speaks to Ayo and has a romantic exchange with her which suggests that the two Dora Milaje fighters are in a romantic relationship. This relationship, in turn, is canon in the Marvel comics, with Ayo and Aneka originally being secret lovers before becoming one of Wakanda’s best power couples. Literally. Let’s hope we see more from her in Black Panther 3.

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