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Mia Goth’s real voice has the internet collectively shocked

Mia Goth, who recently starred in A24 horror movie prequel Pearl, caused Twitter users to become shocked by her real, British voice


As the murderous Pearl, horror movie actor Mia Goth has become iconic for her Southern drawl with quotable lines like, “Please! I’m a star!” Given she is such a natural at the Southern Belle accent, many people assumed that Goth, 29, was American. But the London-born actor is actually British, and in a new viral clip, where she revealed her real voice, Twitter users expressed their shock at her light Received Pronunciation.

The video, which is actually from two years ago, shows Goth discussing what she’d do if she wasn’t an actor. “If I wasn’t an actor, I think I would own a bakery and I would call it ‘Mamma Mia’s,'” she said. “And I would have blueberry pancakes, it’d be a blueberry theme.”

For some reason, the clip took over Twitter as users couldn’t get over how different Goth sounded from her A24 movie character.

“Never in a million years would I guess that this is what she sounds like,” one user wrote. “Charles Dickens would have loved to meet her,” another added. A third tweet added, “Mia Goth won’t see your mean tweets mocking her voice but all your friends who talk like sickly Victorian children will.”

With many users pointing out Goth’s Dickensian-style accent, there was a bit of unusual discourse as a handful of tweeters described Goth’s purported “baby voice” as sinister.

Fortunately, the majority of the Twittersphere hit back at people accusing the slasher movie actor of “faking,” with one tweet noting, “Even if this wasn’t her real voice I don’t care. If Mia Goth wants to talk like an extremely posh little orphan boy sent to live with his uncle after Mummy was hit by a double-decker bus, that’s her right. She co-wrote Pearl.”

You might not be able to watch the slasher movie Pearl right now, you can watch the first movie in the series, X, on the streaming service Paramount Plus now.