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Popular Star Wars Funko Pop 35% off for Cyber Monday

Increase your Star Wars Funko Pop collection this Cyber Monday with Lando Calrissian in the Millenium Falcon at 35% off if you buy from Amazon

Star Wars Funko Pop Cyber Monday deals: image shows a Funko Lando in the Millennium Falcon.

The Star Wars Funko Pop figure of Lando Calrissian flying the Millennium Falcon is currently available at a hefty 35% discount on Amazon for Cyber Monday. The discounted price is $41.99 USD, but unfortunately, if you’re in the UK, the product is not reduced in your region.

This is quite a chunky model that any collector of Star Wars Funko Pop figures is going to want to get their hands on. While Lando himself is rendered in the usual large-headed style that Funko favours, the recreation of the Millenium Falcon that he flies is actually quite faithful. It’s pretty difficult to tell whether this is based on the Billy Dee Williams or Donald Glover version of the character, but that’s probably for the best because you can just imagine it’s whichever is your favourite.

Star Wars Funko Pop Cyber Monday deals: Lando Calrissian in the Millennium Falcon, boxed.

He may not have made it onto our best Star Wars characters list, but there’s no denying that Lando has his following, and if you watch the Star Wars movies in order, you’ll likely find yourself developing some level of fondness for him. It seems fitting then that Funko should immortalise him with this special set that places him in the series’ most iconic spaceship.

Whether you’re buying this for yourself because you’d like a nice new desk or shelf decoration, or if you’re planning to buy it as a gift for a special Star Wars fan in your life, make sure you act quickly, so you don’t miss out on the discount. This reduction is likely going to disappear once Cyber Monday passes.

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