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Kevin Bacon “loved” playing himself as an MCU character in GotG

Not everyone wants to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but Kevin Bacon loved appearing in the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

Kevin Bacon "loved" playing himself as an MCU character in GotG

Appearing in a big franchise like the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn’t for everyone, and not every actor wants to star in a Marvel movie or Marvel series. That said, it seems like the MCU is able to appeal to bigger and bigger stars with every passing phase.

And to close out Marvel’s Phase 4, they’ve managed to hook themselves an absolutely massive star. None other than Kevin Bacon himself, the star of Footloose and thriller movies like JFK and A Few Good Men (Editor: He was also in the greatest comedy horror movie of all time, Tremors) who’ll play an exaggerated version of himself in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday special.

Bacon admits though, that he had a great time playing himself during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “I’ve been researching this role for 64 years now,” Bacon joked. “I’ve done quite a few things where I played myself, both in films, but also in commercial spots and stuff like that.”

“I take my work really, really seriously, but I don’t take myself really, really seriously,” he continued. “So to be able to poke fun at yourself… it’s just a blast. I love this kind of heightened idea of what my life is and like, for instance, the house that I have. I can guarantee you that my house doesn’t look anything like that house.”

During the same interview, Bacon shared how pleased he was to be able to appear in an MCU movie, describing superhero movies as part of the fabric of the modern entertainment world.

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“These movies are so much a part of the fabric of entertainment,” Bacon said. “Not only the movies, you know, the comic books, the whole world. To walk onto that set and to see the kind of beautiful machine that is making these things was really exciting.”

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