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Original Ahsoka star won’t appear in upcoming Star Wars series

If you were hoping for a little cameo from Ashley Eckstein in Ahsoka, you'll be disappointed to know the Star Wars voice actor has no role to play

Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars The Clone Wars

You’d think that voicing the Star Wars character Ahsoka Tano for over 14 years across various animated series would earn you a role in the live-action Star Wars series based on said hero. But you’d be wrong, as it turns out Ashley Eckstein will not be a part of the Ahsoka release date.

After becoming one of the most popular members of the Jedi race thanks to the TV series The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, Ahsoka made the jump to live-action in The Mandalorian with Rosario Dawson taking on the iconic role. Her appearance in the sci-fi series was just as successful as you’d imagine, and she got her own show.

Speaking on Entertainment Weekly’s Dagobah Dispatch podcast, Eckstein spoke of her joy at meeting Dawson, and explained why she isn’t part of the upcoming show.

“She was just lovely. We just really hit it off, which I knew we would. I’ve been waiting to meet her for three years, and I was so excited. It was such an incredible moment,” Eckstein said.

We’ve already seen Katee Sackhoff play Bo Katan as a cartoon character and in person. Voice actor Matt Lanter also had a cameo in the live-action world of Star Wars too, after voicing Anakin Skywalker in The Clone Wars. Many suspected Eckstein would be next, but she insists that is not the case.

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“I don’t wanna start a rumor. People are like, ‘She’s on the set. She played a character.’ No, it was just a set visit. So I have not filmed a cameo for the Ahsoka series.” Eckstein stated. “I talk about throwing your dreams out into the universe, so it would be a dream come true if I got to do a cameo, because my background is in live action,” she added.

Eckstein is currently lending her vocal talents to Ahsoka once more in the new Star Wars show Tales of the Jedi on the streaming service Disney Plus. We’ll keep an eye out for any announcement of her joining any Star Wars cast in the future too.