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Wednesday: what is the Nevermore Academy monster?

Tim Burton's new horror series Wednesday brings The Addams Family to the modern day, but what is the Nevermore Academy monster she's investigating?

Wednesday: what is the Nvermore Academy monster

What is the Nevermore Academy monster in Wednesday? Warning, spoilers ahead! The Addams Family return in new Netflix series Wednesday, where Tim Burton sends Gomez and Morticia’s daughter to boarding school for her sins. We say sins, she hurt school bullies who absolutely deserves some comeuppance.

In any case, while at Nevermore Academy in the horror series, Wednesday starts looking into some grisly killings in the local area. A monster is taking out students, and residents of neighbouring town Jericho, and there’s a conspiracy around it all that Wednesday will unravel.

What is the Nevermore Academy monster? It’s a surprisingly simple answer, and one that has its basis in classic literature, just as Wednesday would like it. We’ve got all the details for you, just be wary of intaking any strange concoctions while you’re reading.

What is the Nevermore Academy monster?

The Nevermore Academy monster in Wednesday is a Hyde, a deadly, uncontrollable creature that’s become increasingly rare. Whoever has the affliction transforms into a fearsome beast that ravages anything in its path, and that’s exactly what’s been happening around Nevermore.

The inspiration comes from the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson, about a scientist who transforms into a hulking monstrosity from drinking a serum. In Wednesday, as explained by Uncle Fester, the mythos is altered slightly: people are born with the power to become a Hyde, and the alter-ego can be summoned and controlled by another person.

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This is what’s been happening in the thriller series. Tyler Galpin is the Nevermore Academy monster, a local barista who’s considered human until Wednesday finds out the real him.  However, it doesn’t seem like he can remember much of being a Hyde when he changes, creating a conundrum over who the real guilty party is.

Larissa Weems, the principal of Nevermore Academy, is struggling to contain the bloodshed as she’s unsure of how to handle such a rare, dangerous entity. Even Uncle Fester doesn’t have many suggestions! Maybe young Morticia would have, who knows.

Hydes are just one more thing that can kill someone in the universe of The Addams Family. What could Wednesday season 2 bring? We shudder to think. Despite all this, we can tell you if Wednesday is worth watching. Have a look at our guide to what cello song Wednesday plays for more on the show.