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Wednesday: who is the Nevermore Academy monster?

Wednesday is trying to stop a creature from killing students in the new Netflix series, and we're here to answer who is the Nevermore Academy monster?

Wednesday: who is the Nevermore Academy monster?

Who is the Nevermore Academy monster in Wednesday? Warning, spoilers ahead! Tim Burton has brought back The Addams Family for a new Netflix series that focuses on Wednesday, who’s sent to Nevermore Academy to follow in the footsteps of her parents.

However, this being Wednesday Addams, trouble tends to just circulate in her orbit, and some mysterious entity is stalking the woods of the nearby town, Jericho, killing students and residents alike. This invigorates Wednesday to crack the case, though her loneliness gets the better of her in the meantime.

So, who is the Nevermore Academy monster? The horror series offers some great twists and turns, and this information is one of the biggest revelations. We can tell you exactly who it is, and why it matters to the fabric of the show.

Who is the Nevermore Academy monster?

The Nevermore Academy monster turns out to be Tyler Galpin, a love interest of Wednesday’s and son of the local sheriff who works as a barista. This is revealed to Wednesday in a vision during the seventh episode of the drama series, ‘If You Don’t Woe By Now’.

Tyler’s been transforming into a Hyde, the mutated creature that’s been slashing through Jericho residents for some time. When in the Hyde form, he loses control of his faculties and has little memory of what he does. His Hyde form is summoned and controlled by Laurel Gates, played by Christina Ricci, who’s been laying in wait for her revenge on Nevermore.

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It’s tragic, because Wednesday thought she’d just managed to finally get the culprit for all the attacks put away, but turns out they were being framed. Likewise, Wednesday figures this all out while kissing Tyler, whom she’d been gradually growing closer to.

Tyler hadn’t exhibited any powers up until this point, but he also wasn’t biased against the students of Nevermore Academy like many in the town of Jericho. That plus his own issues with his father allowed him to fit right in with any of the powered teens that stepped foot into the café he works in.

Turns out Tyler should probably enroll in Nevermore for his own good, despite what his father might think. Though it could be too late for that now, given the damage. He’ll have Uncle Fester‘s respect if he comes back for Wednesday season 2, at least!

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