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Who voices Princess Peach in the new Mario movie?

Who voices Princess Peach in the new Super Mario movie? The upcoming Super Mario movie has a stacked voice cast including Chris Pratt and Jack Black

Mario Movie: Who voices Princess Peach

The new Mario animated movie has a pretty impressive voice cast, but who voices Princess Peach? The latest trailer for the upcoming Super Mario Bros movie is out, and we now have a better sense of what the animated action movie will feel like.

The trailer also had more of a focus on with MCU movie star Chris Pratt as the titular Italian plumber, along with the threat that the evil Bowser (voiced by Jack Black) poses to Luigi and the rest of the Super Mario galaxy. We also got to have a better look at the plot of the movie and how it will progress, and we got to see Mario teaming up with a courageous Princess Peach. But who voices Princess Peach in the new Mario movie?

Who voices Princess Peach in the Mario movie?

Anya Taylor-Joy has provided the voice acting for Princess Peach in the upcoming Mario movie. She goes into 2023, and the release of the Mario movie, having head an exceptionally impressive 2o22.

In 2022 Taylor-Joy had starred as the co-lead in the historical thriller movie The Northman, and also led the stomach-churning comedy movie The Menu. We’re sure that she’ll be able to just as much life and depth to Princess Peach as she has been able to with her live-action characters.

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