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Who is Wednesday Addams’ boyfriend?

Wednesday Addams is a teenager in her new Netflix series, with everything that comes with it, including a love interest. So who is Wednesday Addams' boyfriend?

Who is Wednesday Addams' boyfriend?

Who is Wednesday Addams’ boyfriend? The new Netflix series Wednesday has taken The Addams Family’s eldest and given her the CW treatment. The TV series has aged her up from a pernicious pre-teen to a terrible teenager, and you know what that means? It’s time to give her a love interest!

Yes, Wednesday may love the gruesome and macabre, but that doesn’t mean she’s totally immune to catching feelings, and the show explores this new side of Wednesday’s character. As you might expect, considering her frostiness, Wednesday isn’t exactly an easy person to love, but she turns more than a few heads after arriving at Nevermore Academy.

So do any of these would-be suitors win the glum goth’s heart? Who is Wednesday Addams’ boyfriend? Well, we’ve watched the whole horror series now so that we can bring you the goss from the halls of Nevermore.

Who is Wednesday Addams’ boyfriend?

Wednesday has two potential love interests in her Netflix series, although neither becomes her boyfriend. The eldest Addams gets very close to Tyler Galpin (Hunter Doohan), even kissing the supposed Normie, before discovering he’s actually the Nevermore Academy monster.

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Xavier Thorpe, an artist with the ability to bring his work to life, is the other boy who expresses an interest in Wednesday. Unfortunately for him, Wednesday suspects him of being a monster for most of the show’s run, so she doesn’t really show him much affection.

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