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Squid Game star doesn’t see anything wrong with fans copying games

Lee Jung-jae, one of the stars of Netflix series Squid Game, believes there's nothing wrong with people copying some of the show's challenges

Lee Jung-jae in Squid Game

Since Squid Game became a global sensation, we’ve seen all sorts of merchandise and tributes. Fans across the world have attempted to replicate the challenges featured in the Netflix series, seemingly missing the point of the show. Lee Jung-jae, one of the stars of the thriller series, has commented that people can have fun with Squid Game, too.

“I feel like Squid Game isn’t solely meant to provide a social message to society,” he tells GQ. “Ultimately, it’s meant to deliver dreams and hopes to the audience. Of course, it was a fun television show that helped us ask deep questions, but at the end of the day, it’s also entertainment.”

He has a point. A TV series like Squid Game has a lot of big ideas and themes that you can and should take seriously, but likewise, that shouldn’t negate anyone’s ability to enjoy it on their terms either. That said, there’s some genuine irony in people using a drama series looks about the way capitalism ruins lives to garner some quick attention.

In the profile, Lee offers little on what’s coming for Squid Game season 2, other than to say he’s excited to “perform the darker side” of his character Gi-hun. Another batch off episodes is currently in development, creator Hwang Dong-hyuk writing the scripts as we speak.

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In the meantime, Lee is promoting his directorial debut, the thriller movie Hunt. The film follows snipers from South Korea and the USA teaming up to defeat a common enemy, and it’ll be available on Netflix on December 7. Lee co-wrote the screenplay with Jo Seung-Hee and leads the cast alongside Jung Woo-sung and Jeon Hye-jin.

We’ll keep you informed on what’s next for Squid Game. For now, peruse our guides to the best Netflix movies for more options on the service.