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Deadpool 3 won’t “mess with” Logan, says Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds has assured all of us Marvel and X-Men fans that Deadpool 3 won't be messing with Wolverine's story as seen in the 2017 movie Logan

Hugh Jackman in Logan

Fans have been waiting for years for Deadpool 3 news, and in 2022 they got more than they expected once it was revealed that the Merc with a Mouth was coming back for a new adventure, along with Hugh Jackman – who is reprising the role of the beloved X-Men character Wolverine.

However, this future hero team-up did cause some concern among the lore keepers of Marvel, given the 2017 X-Men movie Logan. Jackman originally retired from Wolverine after Logan, which (spoiler alert) saw the mutant dying at the end of the superhero movie. Obviously, seeing a revived Wolverine doesn’t exactly fit with the canon of Logan’s big ending – however, before we all start to panic, Ryan Reynolds has come forward to put our concerns to rest.

Speaking on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Reynolds assured fans that Deadpool 3 won’t be retconning the events of Logan – and will instead respect the film.

“We figured out a way to do it that’s Hugh Jackman approved, and Kevin Feige approved, where we’re completely protecting the legacy of Logan, the way it was left off,” Reynolds said. “We wouldn’t mess with that.”

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According to IMDb, the synopsis of Deadpool 3 reads: “A weary Wolverine finds himself recovering from his injuries when he comes across a loudmouth Deadpool who has time travelled forward to heal his greatest pal in the hopes to befriend the wild beast and to team up to take down a foe they both have in common.”

So, it looks like the death in Logan will be addressed in some way. However, further details are currently unavailable. Deadpool 3 is set to hit theatres on November 8, 2024. For more super content, here is our guide to the Marvel movies ranked from worst to best.