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Keanu Reeves’s perfect day involves a surprising amount of sex

Keanu Reeves was once asked to describe how his perfect day would go, and you might be surprised at his explicit - and honest - answer

Keanu Reeves in John Wick

Keanu Reeves has spoken about what his perfect day would look like, and you probably aren’t prepared for the amount of sex he’s going to be having. Reeves is one of the most popular actors in the world, known for his simple outlook and humble demeanour, just as much as his roles in movies.

While he’s become iconic for his, how should we say, muted acting style, the actor’s filmography would be the envy of plenty of others, and is rammed full of classics. It ranges from action movies like Point Break, to comedy movies like Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, science fiction movie classic The Matrix, and the more recent John Wick thriller movie series. It’s an impressive amount of variety, and it’s helped to cement him as an unshakeable presence in Hollywood.

Now, a video of Reeves being interviewed during his press tour for the action adventure movie 47 Ronin has resurfaced online, and the actor was asked to describe what his perfect day looks like. Speaking with Parviz Khosrawi, Reeves said “Well okay, first of all you’re finished your great job, you’ve done some great work, you’re coming home, you see some friends and family, hopefully you’re in a relationship, you have some morning sex, cook breakfast, go for a motorcycle ride, come back, swim, have more sex”.

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You might think that’s all, but he continued, saying “eat some more, hang out for a little bit, maybe do some reading, go see a movie, have more sex, go to the bar, have a couple of drinks, see some friends, take them on a motor-cycle ride, get home, hang out a little bit, have more sex. That’s a pretty good day.”

It’s hard to disagree. Not that we’re counting, but Reeves’s perfect day involved at least four separate instances of sex. Of course, there’s some other things here and there, like reading and swimming, and for an internationally renowned movie star, we can’t help but notice that’s it’s all pleasantly straightforward. At least he’s a man of simple pleasures. His next movie, John Wick 4, will release in March 2023