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Inside Job season 1, part 2 ending explained

After stopping her dad's plans to rewrite reality, Raegan finally has everything she wants so how does Inside Job season 1 part 2 end?

Inside Job season 1 part 2 ending explained

How does Inside Job season 1 part 2 end? After dealing with an immortal Keanu Reeves, falling in love with an Illuminati’ mindwiper’ named Ron, and dealing with her dad trying to rewrite reality, Inside Job season 1 part 2’s final episode begins with Raegan finally taking over Incognito Inc. As long-time fans of the animated series will probably expect, Raegan’s joy doesn’t last long; however, when Ron texts her those four dreaded words, “we need to talk”.

Determined to keep her relationship alive, Reagan puts Brett in charge and goes to Ron’s house to confront him. Surprisingly he doesn’t want to dump her. Instead, he thinks they should erase their memories of the shadow world and start a new life in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Heading to work and telling Brett of her plans to leave behind the world of conspiracies, Reagan is quickly abducted by the Black Robes, the mysterious beings who control planet Earth. The Robes share with Reagan that they have been keeping humanity safe from itself for millennia and offer her the opportunity to join them and learn all of their secrets. Will she take them up on this opportunity? Here’s how Inside Job season 1, part 2 ends. 

Inside Job season 1 part 2 ending explained

While Reagan’s not too keen on ruling over humanity personally, she believes she can develop a benevolent algorithm that will keep society safe from any potential threat. Torn between leaving with Ron and saving the world, she turns to ROBOTUS, who shows her to a room where she can see simulated versions of every conceivable reality.

As Reagan explores the simulated multiverse (what’s with sci-fi series and the multiverse recently?), looking for a reality where she and Ron can be happy, it soon becomes clear that as long as they work at Cognito, they’ll always drift apart. Filled with a new resolve Raegan then goes to Ron’s place and agrees to the mind wipe.

After Ron erases his memories, however, Reagan fills his now vacant subconscious with a new backstory that she’s not part of. It’s then revealed that there was only one reality where Ron was truly happy, and it was one where she let him have a life away from her, Cognito, and the shadow world.

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As Reagan heads outside, she makes clear she’ll be happy in a world where she knows the man she loves is happy and accepts the Black Robes’ offer. In the Robes’ lair, though, it’s revealed that whatever these things are under their hoods, they aren’t human, and as the ominous music kicks in, they say it’s time to begin Project X37 setting up the Netflix series next season.

Oh, and while all this was going on, Brett and the rest of Cognito Inc were trying to stop Air Bud from evolving into a new race of super dogs that would eventually pull a Planet of the Apes on humanity but don’t worry about that. They fixed it… I think.

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