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Wednesday fans are going wild over how Netflix filmed Thing

The Addams Family are a wild bunch but social media can't stop talking about the disembodied hand Thing from Netflix series Wednesday

Wednesday fans are going wild over how Netflix filmed Thing

They are kooky, they are spooky, and now the Addams family is taking over social media. Following the success of the Netflix series Wednesday, fans have been going gaga over how a certain disembodied hand was filmed.

Wednesday is a new retelling of the beloved gothic cartoon characters The Addams Family with a murderous twist. The comedy series, centred around a teenage Wednesday exploring the boarding school for outcasts, Nevermore Academy, is packed with strange creatures from sirens and werewolves to gorgons. But despite all the wonderous characters in the TV series, one particular Addams has caught the internet’s attention: Wednesday’s sidekick, the hand Thing.

A new behind-the-scenes photo shared by the streaming service showed how actor Victor Dorobantu was able to bring the character of Thing to our small screens – crawling about unattached to any arms. And since it hit Twitter, the post has gone viral.

In the snap, we see that Dorobantu, while wearing a blue-screen suit, would have to place his body under bits of furniture with just his hand exposed or would have to crouch down besides Jenna Ortega – who plays the titular role in the fantasy series – keeping most of his body out of sight.

Another photo shows the star on a small cart having his body suspended while his hand runs across the ground. It is pretty wild to see how Thing came about, and since the post was set live, it has garnered over 70,000 likes and multiple retweets, with fans praising the star and stating how his efforts deserve awards.

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And personally, we agree. Being a hand looks like a lot of work, especially one that is tasked with helping Wednesday solve a murder. If this has you curious for more on the show, have a look at our guides to the Nevermore Academy monsteryoung Morticia, and Wednesday season 2If you are after more kooky thrills, here is our guide to the best horror series of all time.