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Is Wednesday Addams a human?

Nevermore Academy is full of outcasts, including werewolves, gorgons, and sirens, but is Wednesday Addams human in the new Netflix series?

Is Wednesday Addams a human?

Is Wednesday Addams a human? The new Netflix series Wednesday sees the Addams Family’s eldest child leave behind the family home and head off to a very special boarding school, Nevermore Academy.

Think of Nevermore as essentially like Hogwarts from the Harry Potter movies, but instead of teaching wizards it’s a place for those rejected by mainstream society who call themselves “outcasts”. These aren’t your traditional goths from high school, though. They’re werewolves, sirens, and all sorts of mythical beings. The question is then, if the school’s full of monsters, ‘is Wednesday Addams, a human?’ 

Is Wednesday Addams a human?

Yes, Wednesday Addams is a human, albeit a psychic one, as are all of the pupils are Nevermore. One of the points of the Wednesday TV series is that as strange as the students of Nevermore may be, they’re just as human (on the inside anyway) as the “normies” in town, and the true monsters are those who believe in ‘us’ and ‘them’.

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Also, it’s worth pointing out that you don’t need powers to attend Nevermore. The Academy accepts all outcasts, including baseline humans who are just a bit odd. We know that Gomez Addams and Edgar Allen Poe were both allowed to attend the school, and as far as we’re aware, neither of them has any superpowers.

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