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Andor made Diego Luna feel like the “luckiest actor ever”

We've already decided that Andor is the best Star Wars series Disney Plus has released, and Diego Luna couldn't feel luckier about making season 2

Diego Luna as Andor

The internet has already decided that Andor is the best Star Wars series ever made, and we’re not going to disagree with them. Our own Jakob Barnes was pretty enthusiastic about the sci-fi series and gave the season one finale the full five stars (you can read his Andor episode 12 review here).

Now, though, production has begun on Andor season 2, and Diego Luna has described himself as the “luckiest actor ever” after getting to read the scripts for the TV series‘ second outing.

“I don’t get shocked anymore about the quality of the writing because I know Tony, I know the writers, I know the process, ” he told Collider. “And even though when you read something that is a work in progress, it’s already better than half of what you’ve read before in your life. It’s incredible. It’s incredible.”

“But now, reading [the season 2 scripts], it is delicious,” he continued. “Now, I can very selfishly say this. It’s like knowing that I’ll be acting on this show, knowing I’ll be learning those lines, knowing I’ll also be working with these actors just makes me feel like I’m the luckiest actor ever.”

Luna added the second season also has a few advantages the first didn’t. The first is they know the fans like and care about it, something not always guaranteed when it comes to a galaxy far, far, away (just ask the guys who directed the Star Wars movies), and secondly, they’re not filming it in a pandemic.

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“We shot this first season in the worst possible conditions, in the worst time of the confinement, where we had no chance to interact, to celebrate, to share and collaborate in the way I’m used to,” Luna explained.”I was scared every day… So I am so looking forward to go through a process in a way where I can interact more with this team that I feel today are my family.”

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