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Andor finale has two specific historical inspirations

Andor, which saw Diego Luna reprise his Star Wars character Cassian Andor, recently dropped its finale: here are its historical inspirations

The finale for Star Wars: Andor was unforgettable by all accounts, and in the Hollywood Reporter‘s interview with the Star Wars series creator, Tony Gilroy, it was revealed that those final scenes had more than one historical inspiration.

“The first comp is somewhere between those epic Provisional IRA funerals,” he explained. “God, there’s footage of some of them, and it’s just incredible what these funerals turn into. And then the other comp is a New Orleans second line funeral procession, the joy and soul of that. So those are the two comps.”

“There’s also the idea of civic organizations like the Daughters of Ferrix and a community orchestra of aspirational musicians,” he added. “For anybody who pays attention, there’s a doctor named Dr. Mullmoy [Matt Dunkley], and he’s the lead trumpet player in the band. So you see different people in the town. But that’s where it all came from.”

Gilroy then goes on to add how the TV series finale changed the game for Luthen, and opens up about how the “looming threat” of the Death Star will play a role in season 2 of Andor.

“It’s a big day for Luthen. When he’s listening to Maarva’s speech, it’s not pride of ownership on his part … but it’s another corner of the farm he’s trying to grow. So he’s very proud when he hears that,” he said. “And my God, to finish up the day and have this new asset [Cassian] walk in [who] is now basically saying, ‘Alright, I’m in. Blood oath,’ that’s a pretty good day, I think.”

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Regarding the Death Star, he added, “It’ll still be the looming threat. Rogue One is all about discovering what it is. [Season two is] about who picks up the final breadcrumbs that lead to the beginning of Rogue One.”

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