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The Witcher: why did Geralt’s hair turn white?

Why did Geralt's hair turn white? Geralt of Rivia is known for many traits, such as his huge biceps, skill with a sword, and shocking white hair

Henry Cavill as Geralt in The Witcher

Why did Geralt’s hair turn white in The Witcher? Geralt of Rivia is the leading character in the Netflix fantasy series The Witcher. The TV series has grown a huge following thanks to its impressive cast, brutal action, and also because of Geralt of Rivia himself.

Played by DC movie star Henry Cavill (for now, at least) Geralt of Rivia is a monster-slaying warrior who also acts as the guardian of Princess Ciri of Cintra. He is tasked with protecting her, while also navigating his other challenges and relationships, such as with Yennefer.

Something that ensures that the character remains interesting, aside from Cavill’s great performance, is that Geralt of Rivia remains shrouded in mystery. There’s a lot about Geralt’s past that we don’t know, and there are lots of aspects about him that are unexplained. For example, why did Geralt’s hair turn white? 

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Why did Geralt’s hair turn white?

Geralt’s hair turns white due to his mutations from being a Witcher. These mutations caused his hair to lose its pigmentation. These mutations also gave Geralt enhanced strength and stamina, alongside some nice looking hair. Other Witchers who also have white hair, like Vesemir, also have their white hair for the same reason.

Ciri’s white hair, meanwhile, has nothing to do with any such mutations, though it does ensure that the two look alike even though they aren’t related at all.

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